Smarter Video Alerts with Video Analytics

Video Analytics will take your smart home security to the next level. Video Analytics is a security feature that monitors your property’s video streams to distinguish important events from routine activities. Tired of being alerted ‘motion detected’ when the leaves are blowing in the wind? We hear you, and video analytics is your answer. Our video analytics service is a smart security upgrade that turns your video cameras into intelligent "security guards", able to classify moving objects as people, animals or vehicles.


Video Analytics can ignore the mailman, but alert you if a visitor lingers too long on your porch. It makes distinctions in real time before alerting you—or not—according to your preferences. You can also create virtual "zones" and multi-directional "tripwires" for your cameras, enabling it to further categorize activity based on the layout of your home or business and the areas you need to protect.

Receive alerts on what matters most to you:

  • A person enters the yard, but not animals
  • A car pulls into the driveway at night, but not when it drives past
  • Pets get on the sofa, but not when they are walking around the room
  • Someone loitering, but not when a delivery is being made
  • A person accesses the wine and liquor closet, but not other storage areas

Video Analytics is compatible with the following cameras:

  • Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB770)
  • Indoor Fixed w/IR (ADC-V522IR/V523)
  • 180° HD Camera (ADC-V622)
  • Outdoor Wireless (ADC-V721/V722W)
  • Outdoor Wireless (ADC-V723)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mini Bullet (ADC-VC726)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Dome (ADC-VC826)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Turret Camera (ADC-VC836)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera (ADC-VC736)

Ready to add Video Analytics to your account? Text our Digital Support Team at 469.513.8685 and they can upgrade your account.

Once you’re signed up, learn more about how to set up a Video Analytics rule here, or see the below video for instructions on how to set up Video Analytics on the Brinks Home Video Doorbell in the Brinks Home Mobile App.