Tour the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App

You have one home—why not have one app to control it? With the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App, control your security system, thermostat, locks, lights and more all from the palm of your hand.

Log in to the Total Connect 2.0 App to access all services. For login help, click here.

001b Login with Credentials

Home Screen

Once you have logged onto the app, there are a number of functions available on the home screen. The first option shown below is available if your account is connected to multiple sites. The dropdown will display the selected site. Tap on the site name to see a list of all sites, and tap other site names to select the desired system.


To see recent notifications, also known as activity, you can simply tap View beside notifications.

002.3-Home-Notifications AKA Activity

New dealer messages are displayed here. Tap View to open the list of messages.

002.4-Home-Dealer Messages AKA Settings-Dealer-Messages

All security systems associated with the site you are viewing on the home screen. Tap on the checkboxes beside the system name. You will be presented with the option to arm away, arm stay, or disarm your selection.

002.5-Home-Select to Arm Stay or Arm Away

Scroll down for additional access to cameras and weather information.

002.x Home screen 2

Main Menu

Select the menu button in the top left corner to display additional menu options.

002.1-Home Menu 003a-Main Menu


The top option on the main menu is the same as the home screen, allowing you to view and select from multiple sites if your account has more than one.

003.9-Main Menu Site


The home screen is accessible here, returning you to the beginning of the app. This is where you will go by default upon login.

003.1-Main Menu-Home


1. Tap Sensors to access a list of sensors connected to your system.

003.2-Main Menu Sensors

2. See the battery health for each sensor in the list. Select the checkbox beside the name of any sensor if you wish to bypass.

003.2.2 Sensors submenu


1. Tap Cameras on the menu for a list of available cameras.

003.4-Main Menu Cameras

2. Tap on a camera for a live feed and any additional options.


3. View a live feed and engage in 2-way talk/listen communication with capable doorbell cameras.



Activity is available to view directly from the home screen, as well as through the main menu. There is a tab on the home screen which says activity. There is also activity shown by tapping View besides notifications. Alternatively, you can view activity through the method demonstrated below.

1. Tap on Activity.

003.5-Main Menu Activity

2. Scroll to see a list of recent notifications.

003.5.1 Activity submenu


The Settings menu will allow you to update geofence details and notifications, as well as an alternate method for seeing new dealer messages. Learn more about updating your settings here: How to Change Your Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App Settings.

003.6-Main Menu Settings

Sign Out

To sign out of the app, tap Sign out.

003.8-Main Menu Sign Out