Are a verbal code word and keypad code the same thing?

Though similar, these two codes for your security system have a few key differences.

Verbal Code Word

Your verbal code word is the word used to verify your account when canceling or confirming an alarm and/or dispatch. When your alarm is activated and the Alarm Response Center operator calls shortly after your alarm sounds, you’ll be asked to provide your code word.

The code word is also necessary to access or change information on your account. To change your code word, visit the Brinks Home™ Customer Portal.

Keypad Code

Brinks LivingRoom IQ4 0046

Your keypad code, also known as the master code, is used to arm and disarm your security system on your panel, as well as reset the system in the event of an alarm. Unlike your verbal code word, your keypad code is not used to access or verify any information on your account.

The instructions to change your keypad code vary based on panel type. Choose your panel type from the list below to learn how you can update your keypad code.




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Lynx Touch

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